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gritwise silicon carbide abrasive grain bulk in malta

in AGB silicon carbide stardust (0712.3702) - ScienceWISE

Mainstream silicon carbide (SiC) stardust formed in the extended envelopes grainsInterstellar mediumCrab NebulaTime delayIsotopic abundanceGiant branch sta

anticrossing in silicon carbide (1609.06451) - ScienceWISE

a giant thermal shift of $2.1 \,$MHz/K related to the excited-state  zero-field splitting in the silicon vacancy centers in 4H silicon carbide

Electron Spin Decoherence in Silicon Carbide Nuclear Spin

spin decoherence of single defects in silicon carbide (SiC) nuclear spin © 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

Stacking domains in graphene on silicon carbide: a pathway

 Graphene on silicon carbide (SiC) bears great potential for future © 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

vacancies in silicon carbide (1707.02715) - ScienceWISE

here the optical and spin properties of the V1 defect centre, one of the silicon vacancy defects in the 4H polytype of silicon carbide (SiC)

wise Graphitization Furnace Co-Production Silicon Carbide

The effective thermal conductivity coefficient of silicon carbide (SiC) synthesis materials and graphitization furnace insulation material were obtained by ap

stardust silicon carbide grains (1304.3961) - ScienceWISE

This result offers a solution for the long-standing problem of silicon in stardust SiC grains, confirms the necessity of coupling chemistry and dynamics

centers in silicon carbide (1505.00176) - ScienceWISE

We show that uniaxial color centers in silicon carbide with hexagonal lattice structure can be used to measure not only the strength but also the polar

Probing spin-phonon interactions in silicon carbide with

Point defects in silicon carbide (SiC) offer long-lived, optically addressable spin registers in a wafer-scale material with low acoustic losses, making

Coherent control of single spins in silicon carbide at room

Here we report the characterization of photoluminescence and optical spin polarization from single silicon vacancies in SiC, and demonstrate that single spins

metal spins in silicon carbide (1802.06714) - ScienceWISE

LasersExcited stateCarbidePhononDiamondNitrogen vacancyDephasing timeQuantum technologyNear-infraredZero field splittingPhotoluminescenceSemiconductorDopingA

Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with millisecond-

ScienceWISE Ontology Bookmarks New articles News Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with 4H-SiC can be isolated and coherently controlled

On Silicon Carbide Grains as the Carrier of the 21 Micron

Very recently, silicon carbide (SiC) grains with impurities were suggested to be the carrier of this enigmatic feature, based on recent laboratory data

silicon carbide: An approximate first-principles study in

used to generate realistic configurations of amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC© 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

in silicon carbide defect centers (1608.03498) - ScienceWISE

EntanglementExcited stateDiamondCarbideCluster stateQuantum communicationSpin orbitQuantum computationLong stringsDegree of freedomDensity functional theoryQ

spin defects in silicon carbide (1403.7741) - ScienceWISE

CarbideDiamondOrientationCrystal fieldZero field splittingHamiltonianIsotopeA giantsLasersZeeman splittingSpin echoPhotoluminescenceIntensitySignal to noise

vacancy qubits in silicon carbide (1210.0505) - ScienceWISE

All these results make silicon vacancy defects in silicon carbide very attractive for quantum applications. CarbideQubitQuantum dotsSemiconductorLasersPhononQ

Ultra-high strain in epitaxial silicon carbide nanostructures

Ultra-high strain in epitaxial silicon carbide nanostructures utilizing residual© 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

Meteoric Silicon Carbide Grains (Guber:1997zz) - ScienceWISE

New 142, Nd-144 (n, gamma) Cross Sections and the s-process Origin of the Nd Anomalies in Presolar Meteoric Silicon Carbide Grains

spin centers in silicon carbide (1403.2399) - ScienceWISE

We generate silicon vacancy related defects in high-quality epitaxial silicon IrradianceCarbidePhotoluminescenceIntensityRecombinationOptical pumpingLaser

Superconductivity in heavily boron-doped silicon carbide (

ScienceWISE Ontology Bookmarks New articles News (C:B) in 2004 and silicon (Si:B) in 2006 SiC phase fractions and hence this lead to the

Fixed Charge in Wet Oxidation for Silicon Carbide (1204

be the intrinsic origin of negative fixed charge in SiC thermal oxidation. © 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

in ultrapure silicon carbide (1407.7065) - ScienceWISE

silicon carbide (SiC), a compound being highly compatible to up-to-date © 2009-2018 ScienceWISE project | About | FAQ | Contact us |

Doping in Quasi-Free Standing Graphene on Silicon Carbide

ScienceWISE Ontology Bookmarks New articles News silicon carbide by the spontaneous polarization of This mechanism is based on a bulk property of

in irradiated silicon carbide (0709.1402) - ScienceWISE

The recombination of Frenkel pairs resulting from low energy recoils in 3C-SiC has been investigated using first principles and Nudged Elastic Band

defect array in silicon carbide (1610.03978) - ScienceWISE

Color centers in silicon carbide have increasingly attracted attention in recent years owing to their excellent properties such as single photon emission,

News: Global Silicon Carbide Fibers Market 2017 Study And

News: Silicon Carbide Fibers Market Request for Sample Report @ em>wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/967723-global-silicon-carbide-fibers

Late formation of silicon carbide in type II supernovae (1801

We have found that individual presolar silicon carbide (SiC) dust grains from supernovae show a positive correlation between 49Ti and 28Si excesses,

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